Massage Your Pet At Home

with Dr. Nell

Learn how to massage your pet in a way that feels good for them and improves their comfort.  

Support your pet's musculoskeletal system and keep them moving happily through their senior years!

YOU can help your pet "feel better and heal better" with massage!

Instant Access for only $199

What's Included In The Course...

  • The Benefits Of Massage

  • Anatomy Of Animals

  • Dog, Rabbit, and Cat Specific Anatomy

  • Calming Techniques To Get Your Pet Emotionally Ready And To Sit Still

  • Warm-Up Techniques To Get The Pet's Body Ready

  • Deeper Tissue Techniques To Improve Circulation And Relieve Soreness

  • Help With Creating An Action Plan

  • Every Technique Has Demos To Ease Implementation

Here's what people have to say...

"It is especially important to me to know that Dr. Nell cares about Jah, spends time explaining things to me and has a wealth of knowledge and tips I can do at home to keep Jah healthy and happy (I highly recommend her Massage for Dogs class).  I am forever grateful to Dr. Nell for giving Jah the best care and quality of life."


- Jah's Person, Steph

Senior Pet Parent



"Massage has allowed bonding time for myself and my own canine family member. She happens to be a tripod, which puts a lot of pressure on her remaining three limbs. With regular massage, I have been able to provide her with more comfort without compromising her pain control. She now only rarely has to take additional pain medication."

-Syd's person, Jess

Veterinarian + Senior Pet Parent

Dr. Nell is a veterinarian with over 15 years of experience and a soft spot for senior pets. She teaches pet owners how to lovingly + safely massage and care for their senior pets at home, to give them their most comfortable life. 


She is an expert in veterinary acupuncture+ integrative medicine and provides one-on-one virtual consults for pet parents who are interested in integrating helpful acupressure, nutrition, herbs and supplements into their pet's regular health care plan. You can request a consultation easily by clicking here.


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